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Why Alice Poole Architects?

Your building project is likely to be the second major single expense after the purchase of your property so therefore your choice of Architect should not be taken quickly or lightly.

Alice Poole Architects offer a comprehensive design service creating unique, imaginative and high quality environments. Great attention is applied to detail and space planning with projects followed through from inception to completion. Alice Poole Architects also carry out project management.

Alice Poole is a member of the Royal Institute of British Architects and has been registered with the Architects Registration Council since 1984 and Alice Poole Architects are registered as a Chartered Practice number 1357515 with the RIBA. The title Architect is protected and Architectural designers or firms undertaking Architectural Work are not able to be registered with RIBA unless they have the correct qualifications. An individual's or practice's status can be checked on line at  

Alice Poole Architects may have been recommended by a past client which is one of the best methods of introduction as clients will be aware of work carried out and pertinent questions can be asked to a third party.

Alice Poole Architects have worked on a wide range of projects from small domestic extensions to whole house refurbishments, office makeovers, restaurants and company headquarters buildings and also have special expertise with Listed and historic buildings.

Alice Poole Architects manage and co-ordinate all members of the projects during the construction phase of the Project

Alice Poole Architects also carry out interior design as part of the project and design furniture, fittings and materials to enable designs to be realised to their full potential.

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