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Stamford Brook

The project involved the rear part of a Georgian mansion, with a later studio extension. Alice Poole Architects altered the layout and carried out a full refurbishment, both externally and internally, of the property and added a new side extension to the studio.  A mezzanine extension enlarged a bedroom and a feature window gives a view of the studio. Alice Poole design the kitchen, utility room and bathroom units as well as all the lighting layout which included feature lighting in the studio to illuminate the client’s artwork.

"We wanted an architect who could provide design, planning and project management services, as the job involved extensive renovation and extension of a Grade II listed house. Alice excelled in all aspects, producing designs that met or exceeded our needs, and also conformed to the strictures of the planning officer. She arranged for several builders to bid on the job, and helped us select one, who turned out to be excellent. As the job progressed, the underlying structure of the house proved to need much more repair and rebuilding than we had anticipated; Alice was able to accommodate these changes calmly and in ways that conformed to our planning permissions while still giving us the result we were looking for.""

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