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Our Services

For a building project the standard services include investigating the feasibility of the requirements, developing design proposals, applying for statutory approvals, preparing construction information, obtaining tenders for building work and administering a building contract.

Alice Poole Architects can provide or arrange other services connected with the project such as interior design, fitted furniture, landscaping and measured surveys of a building.

Alice Poole Architects can advise and make submissions to Planning Authorities for Planning and Building Regulations Approval and conduct negotiations with statutory bodies but cannot warrant outcomes beyond their control. Alice Poole Architects can also appeal Planning refusals.

Alice Poole Architects can put forward builders with whom they have worked successfully on other projects and who have produced the required standard of expertise and finish. The builders will generally secure the building work as a result of a competitive tender but prices can also be negotiated.

Generally Architects visit the building sites at intervals appropriate to the stages of construction to inspect the progress and quality of the works and to determine that the work is being executed generally in accordance with the contract documents. Architects are not site foremen, and are not responsible for the quality of the building work, and are not required to make frequent or constant inspections. The client will employ a Contractor under a separate agreement and will hold the Contractor, and not the Architect, responsible for the Contractor’s operational methods and for the proper execution of the works.

Alice Poole Architects fees are normally charged as a percentage of the total net (ie ex VAT) cost of the project. The percentage is normally 12.5% with project management charged at an additional 2.5%. The percentage can be negotiable dependent on the size and type of project, and certain smaller projects are charged on a time basis.

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