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This substantial house was previously divided into flats and our clients bought it with the aim of making it their family home. The property was completely transformed by opening up the back of the house onto the garden and, by relocating the staircase, the floor plans were rationalised. Alice carried out all the interior design, including the new staircase, kitchen and all fitted joinery. Walnut was used throughout and was complemented by polished stainless steel, chrome and cream tones. Glass was used extensively to bring light into the property and the staircase had glass balusters which were bottom lit to give a dramatic effect.

"Alice personally guided us through the entire project and she handled all aspects of design, planning, specification, tender, contract, project management and interior design. We have been very impressed by Alice and her team. In summary, Alice provides a high quality service. She is extremely responsive and handles all queries in a very efficient manner. There is a high level of attention to detail. When Alice was trying to win our project she claimed that her attention to detail was ‘second to none’. She has surpassed our expectations and we are very fussy! Alice is able to add real value throughout the project; her designs were great, her project management has been exemplary and we benefited from her ability to handle all aspects of the interior design."

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