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East Anglia

This project involved an L-shaped stable block that was part of a Manor in East Anglia with a Grade II listed Manor House. There used to be a working farm with a renowned dairy herd of Friesian cows.  Although the farm no longer existed, a stable block and cart lodge remained at the side of a large lawn in front of the manor house. The stable block was in a state of extreme disrepair and the owners wanted to refurbish it to be able to use it effectively. Alice Poole Architects evaluated the site, drew up a scheme, essentially retaining the original stable block and extended it by mirroring the existing front elevation to provide workshops, storage and garaging as well as holiday lets. A new service road at the rear meant that the garages could be accessed from the back, and a new courtyard, also formed at the back, could also be used for parking and as an amenity for the holiday lets. The original building was typical of farm buildings in the area with brick walls, ledged, braced and framed doors and a shallow pitched roof covered with red clay pantiles.  This aesthetic was carried through to the new building and, where rooms only have external doors, two sets of doors were installed with the outer door solid framed, braced and ledged and the inner one glazed to bring in light without the occupants being exposed to the elements! Original features, such as hay racks and saddle mounts were refitted to echo the previous use.


To give interest and a focal point to the property a clock tower was added which, appropriately, reflects the owner’s love of clocks!


Renewable energy sources service the property in order to reduce running costs. An air source heat pump, in conjunction with solar panels, provides underfloor heating and hot water. All the surfaces are very well insulated to minimise heat loss and the system works very well with the comfort levels internally being the same as a house.


The project won the National Building and Construction Award for the ‘Architect of the Year for a Small Project 2020/2022’.

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